Our MIssion

Save Time. Save Your Thumbs. Get Results.

  • Reimbursement is only decreasing
  • Practitioners have to see more patients per day
  • Drop Release speeds up soft tissue work, so providers can move more quickly but still provide great care.  
drop release in the clinic
drop release in the gym
  • Drop Release triggers the golgi tendon organ, thereby causing reflex inhibition of even spastic muscles – instantly.
  • Move quicker while providing complete care and achieving results never before seen in your clinic.
  • You should never have to sacrifice your quality of care in order to make a living.

What is Drop Release?

Drop Release is a revolutionary tool that harnesses the body’s built-in protective systems in order to instantly improve range of motion. It is a system that works with the body, not against it. By using nature’s own mechanisms, change can be made quickly and effectively. In the hands of experienced users, Drop Release can change the way we approach musculoskeletal care for the betterment of all.

Who Uses Drop Release?

Drop Release is for everyone. All humans are born with the same neurological safeguards in place, and those safeguards are the mechanism by which Drop Release works. Specifically, Drop Release is excellent for use in patient and athlete care in the realms of chiropractic, physical therapy, sports medicine, athletic training, and performance enhancement centers / training facilities. Great results have been experienced by athletes of all levels, ages, and sports, as well as everyday folks from all walks of life.

How Can I Get Drop Release?

Currently the only place to get Drop Release is through the official website. Qualified individuals can obtain training and education in the use of Drop Release as well as the Drop Release tool through the website and upcoming seminars, the schedule for which is still being developed. Patients and interested athletes can find practitioners who use Drop Release by following the link to providers by state.